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Welcome to the Hochschule Heiligenkreuz!

Our mission is the comprehensive and integrally Catholic education of young people. Our goal is to give as many students as possible the formation that they need to become good priests and people who live a life in service for the Catholic Faith. We are therefore dedicated to giving all of our students a well-founded and sustainable education – embedded in a spiritual and academic atmosphere. Welcome to our wonderful campus in Heiligenkreuz! God bless you!

Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klausnitzer

Principal of Hochschule

Studies at the
Hochschule Heiligenkreuz

The world needs people who proclaim the Catholic Faith with courage, humanity, and intellectual depth. The Hochschule Heiligenkreuz is one of the places where students can receive the best possible education for that mission: an education that is both human and theological, both practical and intellectual. Within the community of the Hochschule, all of the students are being prepared for their personal and vocational life so that they can build up the Church of the 21st century. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

First-Year Student

Online – Matriculation

Before you file an application, please contact us for information about the studies in Heiligenkreuz. If you have all relevant information you can fill out an application for matriculation here:

Online – Application for Matriculation

Please follow the instructions carefully and fill in the form completely.

1.Step: Enter your e-mail address and your basic-data. Afterwards your account will be activated, and you will automatically receive an e-mail message (you may have to check your spam folder).

2.Step (after activation): please fill in all the further information and complete the form. You will then be officially admitted to the Hochschule and will receive a matriculation number.

Necessary documents for the matriculation:

Please upload the following documents:

  1. General qualification for university entrance (Matura, Abitur, certificate of General Educational Development, SAT)
  2. German-language test verification (if available)
  3. Latin-language verification (if available)
  4. Greek-language verification (if available)
  5. Passport or identity card
  6. Leaving-Certificate of another university / academy (if available)
  7. For seminarians and members of religious orders: Permission of the superior (document template available in the office)
  8. Letter of agreement with the legal principles of the Hochschule (document available in the office)
  9. Passport photograph (digital)
  10. A short CV in table form
  11. Austrian social insurance number (if available)

Acceptance for Studies:

According to our rules and regulations, the following persons can be accepted for studies in Heiligenkreuz:

  1. For the regular (and extraordinary) course of studies:
    • Cistercians
    • Members of religious congregations; candidates of monastic or other religious congregations; members of institutes of consecrated life, societies of apostolic life, or approved spiritual movements
    • Diocesan seminarians
    • Students that are preparing for the diaconate
    • Priests and deacons who wish to pursue specialized study in theology
  2. If the rector deems it appropriate, he has the right to authorise students for the regular (and extraordinary) studies even if they do not correspond to the requirements listed above.
  3. If students wish to attend certain classes, without intending to finish a complete course of studies, the rector can accept them as “visiting-students”.

In more specific terms, this means that all students that are not members of a congregation or seminarians have to conduct an interview with the rector: or call at +43 (0) 2258 8703 550.

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